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Anne Frank once said...

“I firmly believe that nature brings solace in all troubles” 

What our clients say...


John , Co Dublin

“I lead a stressful life and thought I’d try Forest Bathing as was curious of the benefits. I now feel totally relaxed, having had time to unwind and tune into nature, I also feel recharged. Getting back to nature, tuning into the ivy, mushrooms and smelling moss for the first time was great. Neil has a therapeutic tone to his voice which helped me unwind. I loved slowing down the pace of life and being in the moment.
Highly recommend it, great to reconnect with nature, it's a win/win. Should be compulsory for everyone
who works in an office, thank you Neil for the amazing experience!”


Wellbeing ManagerBeaumont Hospital

I often struggle with being present in the moment but I now truly know that communing with nature, and trees in particular opens up so many possibilities for healing, feeling well and amazing contentment.

Neil as facilitator paces the guidance  professionally and with great experience. A highlight for me was how connecting with nature brought me to very creative and peaceful places. I now feel lighter, more content and have greater clarity. I recommend you give it a try.

It was an amazing experience,

thank you Neil.


Corporate Team, Dublin

"Much more relaxed but also very energised. We all returned

to work after lunch, and I didn’t feel the usual afternoon slump. Had plenty of energy when I went home after work and for

the rest of the evening. Slept great too.

I think the highlight was walking through the forest, wild and unmanicured, unlike let’s say, local parks. The mystery of where the untrod path would lead, the various textures of moss and foliage and bramble you would only see in an unspoilt place,

the feeling that you are visiting an ancient wood untouched by
humans was very magical and humbling. It’s the best medicine for the soul.
The challenge I had was I was aware that my thoughts were not allowing me to be still, but were racing ahead to other things

to do that day, so I had to try and quiet my mind to be fully present in the moment, and forget about where I needed to

be in an hour’s time!

I loved the circle gathering, it’s a great way to draw down the forest & move energy through the group. I would have sat

down and stayed there longer.
I believe the sound of the forest has its own magical tune. I

also enjoyed how Neil recommended that we take time to wander off and be drawn to whatever spoke to us.

I would say that Neil has a very calm presence who’s very much tuned in with nature and wishes to enable and empower

people to reconnect to nature. I would also argue that there

are hundreds of people doing something similar at home or

on podcasts etc. but not many bring you into an ancient Celtic
Forest to fully immerse all your senses, an experience you can’t replicate on the sofa with the telly on silent! 😊"


Jane, Co. Kildare

"I wanted to get out and explore nature. Having completed a Forest Bathing walk with Neil, my body is not as heavy, I feel more alert about what is around me. It was so peaceful, I loved looking and feeling the trees and leaves. It was fabulous, really loved it!"

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