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Welcome to NeDo Forest Bathing.

"The forest is not a place where you escape life, but where you enter it fully." 


About Us






Neil Doherty is the founder of NeDo Forest Bathing and is passionate about helping people discover the healing power of nature. Neil has a diverse background that includes many years of leadership experience in the corporate world, as well as extensive experience as a Coach and more recently as a Forest Bathing guide.

Neil's passion for nature and his background in the corporate world inspired him to create a space where people can disconnect from the stresses and challenges of daily life and experience the rejuvenating benefits of nature connectedness first hand. Neil's unique perspective and expertise as a Forest Bathing guide allows him to guide you on a transformative journey that can help you find greater clarity, purpose, and well-being.

Research studies continue to demonstrate the positive impact of Forest Bathing on human health and wellbeing. For instance, a 2010 study by the Japanese Forestry Agency found that Forest Bathing reduced stress levels and improved mood in participants. Another study by the University of Essex in 2013 found that just five minutes of exposure to nature improved self-esteem and mood.

More recently in 2019, the University of Derby published findings of a field study demonstrating significant improvements in mood, nature connection, rumination, compassion, and pro-environmental attitudes. It produced improvements in heart rate variability in 57% of the study participants and reduced anxiety by 29%. The study found that Forest Bathing significantly reduced heart rate as well as levels of depression, fatigue, anxiety, and confusion.

Neil’s Forest bathing walks are based on these research findings and are designed to provide participants with a mindful, multi sensorial, nature immersive experience in the natural surroundings of the Forest.

During each 2.5-hour session, participants will be led by Neil a Nádúr trained guide through the forest, and invited to engage in various mindful exercises and sensory activities that will help them connect with the natural world.

NeDo’s forest bathing walks are a perfect way for individuals and teams to experience the benefits of nature connectedness first hand while enjoying the beauty of the biodiversity. The walks are open to individuals and groups of up to ten participants, making it an ideal activity for families, friends, visitors to the area and corporate retreats.

Everyone's experience is uniquely different and in the words of John Muir (the father of national
parks in the US), ‘in every walk with nature one receives far more than one seeks’.

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If you have any questions or queries, feel free to contact me here!

Phone: +353872843648

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