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No ‘speedos’ required but it does involve stripping off

the shackles of your everyday stresses

and full nature!

Hiking in Forest

Forest Bathing Experience

Welcome to NeDo Forest Bathing

Welcome to NeDo Forest Bathing, where we offer a unique and transformative experience of immersing oneself in nature in Dublin, Wicklow and surrounding counties.

Our mission is to help you reconnect with nature and discover the healing
benefits of the natural world. Our Forest Bathing and Forest Coaching experiences are designed to help you slow down, de-stress, and connect with nature in a meaningful way.
It’s true that you don't learn to swim from reading a book, you've got to strip off, jump in and get with Forest Bathing, we invite you to strip off the shackles of your everyday stresses and jump in to discover this invigorating immersive experience with us.

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“Great to spend time in nature with like-minded people, I feel very relaxed and grounded. Everyone
should invest time in nature. I would recommend to just do it and experience the benefits for yourself.
Thank you, Neil."


Robert, Dublin

"The reason I came on the Forest Bathing walk was to learn to appreciate and notice nature more. While I hate the rain it added so much more to the experience, colours were more vibrant, and smells were stronger, and the highlight was hearing the birdsong. I now feel much more relaxed, and my senses are awakened – I loved the experience, thank you Neil."

Yolanda, Sweden

"Forest Bathing with Neil was calming and relaxing and encouraged a sense of childlike curiosity. I feel
much happier and in less of a rush. The birdsong was beautiful. I loved everything, thank you!"


                Claire, Co. Meath

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